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News: Archime-DS English page

by on June 17, 2007

archimedsenglish.jpgArchime-DS is a new game by Route24, and published by Skip, of Giftpia, Chibi-Robo and Bit Generations fame. It’s essentially a multiplayer guessing game – not sure how it’d work on handhelds. I highly suspect Route24 of being a Skip division, since their console development arm is called ’24 division.’

Regardless, Archime-DS marks, as far as I know, Skip’s first published title, and interestingly, there’s a fully-operational English language page, with most of the necessary info on it. Why English? Why proper English, at that? Raises interesting questions. Anyway, the game comes out in summer 2007 (aka very soon), and is 2-4 players – never single player. Note: This is apparently just pictochat with forced turns. Hooray!


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