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News: Irem's archived April Fools jokes

by on June 14, 2007

ayatori.jpgThanks indirectly to Packratshow, I learned that Irem has archived all of their April Fools joke content on their gallery. Anything with a year next to it is an April Fools page. I was particularly pleased to see the page for the Exidna, Irem’s mock game system, complete with ridiculous software, including Bambi Trok (a play on Bumpy Trot – it makes sense phonetically in Japanese), the subtly excellent ‘action shooting RPG’ R-Type Final 2, which is slightly less ridiculous when you consider how long Final Fantasy has been going, and Aya Tori, the cat’s cradle game (pictured left). Looks a lot like a modern DS game, actually!. Don’t forget to check out the hardware variants and peripherals, including a time machine, and the full-body girl controller that goes with this game. Good stuff all round.


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