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News: DragonShadow Industries video blog

by on June 1, 2007

You may remember DragonShadow Industries from their work with Nuon homebrew and the Net Yaroze – we’ve covered them several times in the past. Anyway, Scott Cartier, aka Skah T has moved into the realm of video blogs, which are all worth viewing. The first one was just sort of an introduction – the one I want to point you toward is this – a rather detailed rundown of the Nuon, what it did, what its aims were, and all of the official games on it, with video. It actually verges on cultural anthropology, since without this video, most people wouldn’t have an easy way of knowing what the Nuon even is in the first place, let alone remembering it, without browsing the entire archives of Nuon Dome. This video is particularly interesting because Scott was working for VM Labs at the time – the company that made the Nuon.

The second video I want to point out is sort of a directors commentary for the original Net Yaroze/Nuon game he made, Decaying Orbit. It clocks in at 20 minutes, but still interesting – you don’t get a lot of game commentary tracks. Lastly, he just today put up part two of the Decaying Orbit commentary. Dedicated man.


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