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News: Emil Chronicle Online English Version

by on May 16, 2007

Emil Chronicle OnlineEmil Chronicle Online is being translated to English by (surprisingly) a singapore company, Infocomm Asia Holdings. The same company that’s bringing out Granado Espada in the region, which by the way has started operating in both singapore and the u.s.

Don’t hold your breath for Emil Chronicle Online in the west though (EConline for short). There are currently no dates for anything. A bit about the game system. The Marionette system is actually a system that allows your character to change form to power up. There is an assorted amount of forms you can change to including stuff like turning your MOE character in a fishman – literally.

You can view the information here about the game in English and the original Japanese version over here.

I spoke with Infocomm Asia regarding the publisher being Gravity, and not Gung Ho, and they said Gravity is liaising with them hence Gravity. I did my own research and found that Gravity is distributing the game for Gung Ho. Both companies are owned by Soft Bank.


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