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Off-topic: The truth behind the lies

by on May 14, 2007

girls night out
You may have noticed that kotaku posted a piece of slander in the form of a very unflattering photo of myself at the Sega press day. What’s even more slanderous is that they photoshopped a man eating a sandwich into the picture, and another taking a picture. I’ve provided the real photo here, in which paris hilton and lindsay lohan and I were totally super high on e, so it was really not fair to take a picture right then. They even put towels over their heads, the kooky gals. I mean we had just come from like…three other events, and they weren’t even that good. Let me tell you, the night vision video from the hotel room later is going to be worth a lot of fucking money though. You know how paris is with that camera, I mean you can see it right in the photo.

This is just another example of the kind of sloppy, slandarous journalism kotaku is known for. They should be ashamed. To be fair, it was a pretty convincing photoshop job. Thanks to aaron and gina for dispensing truth.

P.S. to all the kids who mail me asking how to get into game journalism and what it’s like – this is what it’s like. All the time.


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