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News: Force Majeure

by on May 13, 2007

Swedish retromasters Monokey have released a demo of their new game, Force Majeure, with the full thing to come later in the year. It was released in february actually, but you know how it goes. The last game of theirs we covered was Bollen, which had great music and gameplay, but was a little difficult. Force Majeure is a shooter with absolutely gorgeous Irem/Nazca style graphics – great backgrounds and parallax scrolling. Nice music too.

Incidentally some of these Monokey people are also behind the awesome pixelboy monochrome game that I mentioned back in october. I do hope they continue that. Thanks to chaz for pointing it out, way back when.

Update: Actually, the Monokey people didn’t work on pixelboy – yet. That’s all the work of Alexandre “Marmotte” Renevey – both the pixelboy and its first game Meteor Busters. But! Monokey’s Junkboy hopes to get something on there soon, which would please me mightily. Anyway, now credit is given where credit is due. I was confused because Junkboy had helped Dot Invasion with some stuff before and was on their staff page. Ah, the world of indie games is a rich tapestry of confusion and lies.


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