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Off-topic: New food journalism

by on May 10, 2007

Frank found this when he was searching for a review of something or other. A woman who ‘reviewed’ restaurants on, but only spent a paragraph or so talking about the food and the place, and most of the time talking about her problems, or a time when a guy hit on her, or something of that nature. And she’s written 567 reviews as of now. Witness new food journalism, courtesy of laura b (who is vegan!). Here’s a sample.

The bartender was talking to me.

So I go, “Thank you?” and he goes, “What did you have in your bag?” And I go, “Invites for a fundraiser.” And he says, “Oh cool, I was worried they were wedding initiations and I missed my chance!” And I say, “You’re about to miss your chance to make me a Crown and Water on the rocks, BABY!” We should have high-fived right then to express our “we are two people but of one mind” synergistic moment but unfortunately, life is not super awesome like that. Instead, he makes me a most delicious alcoholic beverage and as he hands it to me he says, “That’ll be 10 dollars.” and I’m like, “FOR REAL?” and he goes, “oh yeah, you’re right, it’s 4 dollars.” Come on NOW. The way into a lady’s heart and more importantly, her pants, is not by messing with her emotions. I mean, any normal woman. For me personally, this RULES. Is this love? Is he my soul mate? I wonder who got kicked off of American Idol tonight? Ooh, look, a donut!

Update! thomas points me to nobu k, who has reviews of japanese restaurants. Reviews that Burn with Fire. Seriously. He sure doesn’t like non-authentic stuff!


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