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News: Game Developer Research Institute

by on May 8, 2007

gdri.jpgAbout a month and a half ago (a bit more, maybe) I posted about Aspect, a sega-skewed stealth developer ala Tose. The next day, some helpful fellows mailed me to say that they had compiled a rudimentary list of games by the publisher, which they’d discerned by going through rom hex data and finding similar names. Dedicated stuff! And: little known fact about me – I’m super busy and sometimes it takes me 7 weeks to post about things. Sorry!

Anyway, this is part of their Game Developer Research Institute, which sort of started out having to do mostly with SMS games, but certainly branched out from there. Lots of very interesting stuff to browse through in there, going as far as the Wii. Did you know there was a Sega Midwest Studio? Neither did I, but they say there was. Curious!


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