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News: Korean versions of game systems

by on May 5, 2007

gam-boy.jpgI recently came across an interesting series of Aving reports from the G* show in korea last year. There was an exhibit of ‘classic game systems’ there, which often showed japanese versions of systems, but more interestingly, often showed the korean versions. And I’m a sucker for seeing familiar products with different languages on them, as my obsession with Tec Toy will prove. I’m only including the korean versions here, as everyone’s seen the japanese console variations before.

First, there’s the Game Gear. This was apparently released by Samsung (I think sega partnered with them in general for the korean market), and the game case looks very similar to the japanese ones, aside from the korean writing.

Next there was a nice little GP32 exhibit, with some of the better games, and a black Astonishia Story version of the console.

Then there’s the Samsung Genesis/Mega Drive. Practically looks like somebody painted it. Pretty nifty though, with a Samsung wireless controller on the front. Not sure how common those were.

Last, but not least, the Master System, which has ‘Gam-Boy’ written across the front, which I find absolutely priceless. Lots more cartridges for this one…looks like it got a proper full release, apparently without Samsung’s help. Nifty exhibit, all told.


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