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Video: IGDA san diego panel

by on May 2, 2007

So I moderated a panel down in san diego last month, and it got videotaped. You can see the whole thing right here, but don’t go in there expecting it to be super exciting to everyone. It was meant to give developers an idea of what game journos thought about next-gen, and it all may be quite obvious to you (hint: they like graphics). It’s got folks from PSM, OXM, Play, G4, and mens magazines and suchlike.

I don’t speak that much, being the moderator and all. I talk more toward the end when they have the audience questions, because I can’t keep my mouth shut. Somebody (who didn’t say hello!) at destructoid made a post about this talk and called me the ‘most emo game journalist ever,’ which is a bit unsettling, considering I’ve never heard the music – though I suppose that’s not all it stands for nowadays. Regardless, I’ve also been described as ‘fidgity’ – which I was…I did space out on occasion, and under no circumstances was I text messaging people during the talk. Paying attention the whole time, absolutely. Oh – and the video is super shakycam style. What’s the use of having a tripod if you’re going to move it around and zoom in and out all the time? Ah, film students.


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