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News: GP2X crap games competition

by on May 1, 2007

dontpress.jpgGP32x has done a very nice competition for the GP2X, for the crappiest game ideas. The results showed some alarming creativity. Here’s the full list of games with reviews, which is definitely worth checking out. An obvious favorite (and in fact it won the competition) is Don’t Press Any Button. The aim here is to not shoot/stab annoying persons who come up on the screen. Brilliant. Second place went to Run, Hitler, Run! and third went to homebrew stalwart guyfawks’ epic narrative, Walking Simulator Extreme. There’s also Washing Up Extreme and Paint Dry Xtreme, wrapping up the extreme crap series. And let’s not forget the world’s first Wii emulator for GP2X! Fine work all around.


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