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News: The return of Wildcat

by on April 17, 2007

Some of you may not remember Wildcat, but it was a (mostly one-man, but with a some others on occasion) doujin group in korea, making games the likes of Mortal Kombat Zero (unfortunately subtitled “the chaotic wind”). Well, wildcat himself mailed me to tell me he’s back, and now considers his group to have gone pro, though still indie, of course. He’s put up a number of screens and info on GPzigi – the images sometimes work, sometimes don’t, but when it works you’ll find lots of screens, character profiles, and animation. His new game is called CHOSUN MUSA : Chosun Hokeouk Geumlok, and was planned for GP32 and PC, though the GP32 is now no longer supported…

Anyway, I asked him to translate his Q&A on the GPzigi page for all the folks who’ve mailed me wondering about his games’ status. All language is his, except for the cleaning up I did. I wonder if I count as west european scum?

Q. Long time no see. What happened you in the last few years?
A. Yeah, Many years have passed, and Wildcat has solved some project handicaps and problems. Our old development tool has been made more powerful, with new macro languages. So now we have a quick and simple working style. And I spent some personal money to increase my work system. Now this game’s design documents, in terms of digital and pencil illustrations, are now over 40 pages.

character profile
Q. What concerns do you have for the project currently?
A. First and second, our group is small and nobody knows us anymore. Not against another ‘named’ videogame groups, I think. Yeah, we are just a newborn developer group. But I WILL defeat them in the near future, I hope. The third issue is this game’s violence. If the graphics in this game are cruel and violent, we’ll make toggle options for teens, or publish this game’s teen version. But I think the Korean game market is more open minded than it was 10 years ago.

Q. What is Chosun Musa?
A. The story starts in Chosun (Korea) in A.D. 1600~1700. Musas, Royal forces, Assassins, Generals, Monks, Scholars, Beautiful women, Chivalrous robbers, Gangsters, Korean music bands, Mountain wizards, Beasts, Daemonical forces, Gods, Soldiers in the Palace of the Sea King, Western Europe’s scum, Middle East’s assassins, etc, are here for the battlefest!

screenshot 2!
Q. Is this your first time with a professional developer, or do you have past experience?
A. Before Wildcat, I created some games with small 2D parts. Most game developers dislike 2D games, and 2D Fighting games. They just want 3D motion and Cellphone games – for money. So I hung up working with them and created Wildcat.
So Wildcat is my first game development for entering a profession, and Chosun Musa is the first title.

Q. Will you convirt Chosun Musa’s first episode, Blazing Whirlwindy Musa’s to PSP or other handheld machines in the future?
A. It is impossible to plan for the future. Converting the game for Mobile or GBA, or PSP, is just impossible. Because Chosun Musa is not a game which has ‘massive rendering’ or ‘many loading screens’. But several years of 2D graphic libraries are in this game. So much time, so much work, so many frames, so many moves in the 2D graphics. I WILL NEVER make any 3D game. If we have money and enough free hands, I may be able to convert something… If I still like the PSP when I publish this game…
character palletes


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