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News: KID returns

by on April 16, 2007

As you may know, KID went bankrupt. Then all their assets were acquired by small/odd publisher Cyberfront. Now, it appears as though the KID website is revived, and their previously cancelled project Memories Off 5: Encore is back on track for a july release. Honestly, is it a coincidence that the title is an acronymn for moe? I think not.

So this means Cyberfront is now using the KID name to publish its ADV titles, which makes perfect sense, and also strongly indicates that the other cancelled KID titles, specifically 12RIVEN the ΨCliminal of Integral, may be on for future publishing. Looks like the KID homepage’s downtime was devoted only to breaking a few links and sticking the Cyberfront copyright on all the images. Well done, guys! Thanks to zepy, whose website is currently totally on fire, for the news.


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