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News: 52 gaming similes to describe your relationship

by on April 10, 2007

mathewsucks.jpgOur dear pal mathew kumar has put up a fun piece on his workblog titled 52 gaming similies to describe your relationship. He came up with these in conjunction with his girlfriend, so no trouble in paradise I guess. That picture there makes her look really nice and him look really awful, which is pretty much the way relationships go, isn’t it? Recently I got mathew to take charge of a CMP website about mobile phones. What a sucker. It’s not too bad though, and just like I try to do, he winds up getting associates, such as matthew williamson (of Gamer’s Quarter) to do things. Back to the relationships bit, here are a few I liked.

7. Red Steel. I’m just waving my hands in the air and nothing is happening.

27. Kirby’s Dream Land. No matter how hard I suck, I can’t get you all in my mouth.

31. Ico. You’re completely helpless, and I’m sick of dragging you around everywhere.

47. Final Fantasy. No matter what we go through, we’re fully refreshed after a good night’s sleep.

Here are a few I thought up for fun…I imagine forums will be ablaze with more of these soon enough.

Mr. Driller – I thought you dug me, but now I’m gasping for air.

Onimusha – I seem to absorb all your demons.

Bonk’s Adventure – Eat enough meat and I’ll blow my top.

Shining Force III – Now bear my arctic blast!


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