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News: Freefall reborn

by on April 8, 2007

freefall.jpgMost of you won’t remember Freefall, but it was one of the very few games that actually came out for the Nuon. Check out a review of the original here. Very curiously, the original developer TAKS, has decided to update the game for PC and Xbox (original), and release the game for $20. They told k3v over at nuon-dome, who reports that the game will be available beginning april 9 (tomorrow), by emailing the game’s creator (change the AT to an @). Unfortunately he didn’t reply to my queries as to what exactly was updated, and things of that nature, but I guess we’ll just have to go on faith. And interestingly, when he says he’s ‘releasing’ it for Xbox, you have to have a modified machine, so it’s not coming on disc or anything. At $20, that makes it worthwhile mostly for the errant Nuon fan. It’s a pretty strange looking game though, and I’ve been meaning to try it out for some time.


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