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News: Interview with jeff minter

by on April 4, 2007

Another day, another interview I’ve been waiting for years to do. It took me a long time to track him down, but I’ve finally had a lengthy sit-down with jeff minter, of Tempest 2000 and Llamasoft fame. Our initial contact began when I accidentally insulted his skills some time ago, and through a game of cat and mouse, I eventually cornered him in the hallowed halls of the Moscone Center during GDC.

The full interview is here, and yes I do ask him how many sheep and things he owns, and about a bunch of other ridiculous stuff. Lots of info in there about Unity (his cancelled Gamecube game), Space Giraffe, his time at Nuon creator VM LAbs, and other random things. Only a few more industry luminaries before I’ve caught them all! All the ones I’m interested in, anyway.


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