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News: Hudson interview

by on April 3, 2007

Some time ago I did a lengthy gamasutra interview with Hudson Entertainment, the u.s. branch of Hudson Soft, which is currently owned by Konami. There are quite a few interesting bits in it, and it’s about 10,000 words, so…yeah. It’s up now, and you can find it right here. Hudson/PC Engine nerds should get some enjoyment from it, I’d say. Apparently Hudson used to have a miniature (coal powered!) Hudson train running through their R&D building in japan, which would be peppered with high-level executives in business suits. Imagining Nintendo’s Yamauchi riding around on a miniature train is quite a striking image, I’d say.

As a preview: No, they’re not going to make a new console. Yes they’re going to get back into publishing (and sort of have already). They have two copies of Kishin Douji Zenki Vajura Fight for PC-FX and I wanted one. President john greiner also talks about the financial decline of Hudson in japan. The image up there to the left was on marketing guy john lee’s whiteboard, and represents what bonk would look like ‘if marketing were allowed to redesign him.’ It’s uh…tongue in cheek, if you couldn’t tell. So, please read it, long though it may be, and in spite of its constant divergences into complete fanboyishness.


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