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News: Comic book for game developers

by on April 2, 2007

This came to my work email, thus the title. The comic is called Rules of Engagement, and the press release indicates that it stars two game testers…from the future! Interestingly, it seems that in the future, all QA will be done by large-breasted women in revealing outfits. You can download the absolutely ridiculous teaser pages here. It’s pretty astounding! In one panel the one of the QA girls (named ‘pixel’ and ‘vega’) complains about her skimpy outfit, saying “who programmed my avatar costume this time?” and remarks that she’s cold. Of course…her ‘real life’ outfit is just as skimpy. It’s that sort of hard-hitting social commentary that you can expect from Rules of Engagement. They even have a scene in which they’re changing from their normal midriff-showing outfits to their special QA midriff-showing outfits. Just check out that image to the left and marvel. Unfortunately, this would probably classify as on par with the intelligence level of most comics these days. Pretty depressing. Graphic novels and manga are still doing ok, but the traditional hero rags are in quite a state. This is just one more for the pile.


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