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News: Me at IGDA san diego

by on March 19, 2007

this is some stuff right hereI’ll be moderating an IGDA panel about ‘what makes a next-gen game’ down in san diego next week. You should go if you’re around, and in the industry. I think that’s a prerequisite. Maybe heckle, or bring rotten fruit to throw. I moderated some stuff at GDC too, so it may go ok… though there were some hecklers there too! It might be fun, or it might not, it all depends on the phases of the moon. dave halverson will be there, and he is crazy as a loon, so expect big things, maybe. To the left is a bonus HOT PIC of me admiring my work after pouring some mustard and coke into a champagne glass at GDC. You’re never too old to be in grade school!


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