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Rumor: Sailor Moon Wii

by on March 15, 2007

sailormoonplus.jpgMy old pal vander fujisaki from ociojoven (OJgames) sent me an email with an interesting find – YesAsia has an entry for a japanese release of a game called Sailor Moon, from Namco Bandai Games. Working title though it may be, this certainly brings exciting possibilities to light for fans of the series – and the page gives a release date of December 31, 2007, which looks suspiciously like a placeholder. Unfortunately this remains a rumor until we can confirm that it really exists, which may take a bit of time. But I’ll try!

In other Sailor Moon game news, vander pointed out Sailor Moon Plus, a five-part game series using the Beats of Rage engine, which follows the story loosely through several episodes and iterations of the original tale, while also adding new elements at times. Three parts are currently available, with more promised. It’s generally fashioned after the SNES game (certainly using some of its sprites – the screenshot to the left is from SMP), but seems to be a fair bit better in execution. Seeing as it’s the Beats of Rage engine, this means you can play the game on a variety of consoles as well as PC.


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