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News: Trioncube commercials

by on March 14, 2007

trioncommercial.jpgTrioncube (or Kimochiyourensa Puzzle Trioncube – ‘Feelgood Chaining Puzzle Trioncube’) is a relaxing, semi-Lumines-like puzzle game for the DS from Namco Bandai. It came out in the u.s., in fact, which I realized only moments ago. The game itself seems nice enough, but what surprised me more than that were the japanese commercials (navigate on the right, press the pink remote control thing to play). The company put out nine commercials leading up to the game’s japanese release (technically two were during/past release day), in order to drive interest. I’m not sure if it worked, but it was a great idea, all done with a budget of about $100, a crappy camera, and some editing software.

The commercials all center around the game’s simple mascot demonstrating real-life versions of various elements from the game, such as the basic gameplay, the pleasant music, the versus mode, various backgrounds, and a not entirely bad little song thing. I think it was quite a nice campaign, really – I’m not sure if these aired on TV or were available only on their site, but if it were TV…I think it might’ve made me buy this. I’m probably buying it anyway, at this stage.

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If the game interests you, you can basically try it for free in the japanese site’s flash browser, or with different music in the american one. Direction keys move, z and x rotate the pieces. The rules are pretty self-explanatory.

Update: I missed something on the japanese site – little stories in the form of flash movies. They really went all out for this, sort of. I quite like the fireworks one! Bonus!


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