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News: More eroge closures

by on March 14, 2007

another deal gone downBack in february, says zepy, the eroge developer/ publisher Deal closed down (none of these links very work safe). Deal was reportedly the parent company of three different imprints; Plastic, Raccoon, and Tarte, the last of which, if you read zepy’s original post, was apparently doing quite well.

It’s very curious that a number of eroge and visual novel game makers are closing down, as the market shifts in japan. That makes Deal, Studio Miris, and more importantly, KID, all in the last four months. Even more curious when visual novels are finally making some headway in the u.s. market, in the form of Hirameki‘s proper offerings, the Phoenix Wright games, Ubisoft’s Sprung, and even Hotel Dusk, and games of that ilk.

Certainly the landscape is changing, but there is such a glut of these game makers that losing a few probably won’t harm that particular industry significantly. I don’t mean to say that the market is in crisis, and in all likelihood three companies pop up for every one that closes.


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