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News: AquaZone: Life Simulator

by on March 14, 2007

aquapack.jpgOne japan-exclusive Xbox 360 title you might have missed is AquaZone: Life Simulator, originally for PC, but now also for mobile and 360, and there’s even a downloadable video for your ipod, oddly enough. The game is basically a virtual fishtank, with more fish than Seaman, but a lot less interaction. You can check out a video of the game in action here.

AquaZone’s 360 iteration only costs 3,900 yen (released back in september, so probably much cheaper in reality now), as the company planned to make its money back on paid-for items in Xbox Live Marketplace – new fish and environments and whatnot…but I’m not sure anybody bought it. The fish do look very realistic, and I’m sure it looks very nice on an HDTV, but somehow I imagine that TV would more often be put to better use. Still, I can’t help being curious to try it out! Plus the maker’s name is Frontier Groove, which is hard to argue with. The company seems to be a jack of all trades, with main business in online games, but a hand in console, as we’ve seen here, and anime production. Pretty impressive (maybe) for a company which as of 2005 had only 13 employees. Here’s an order link in case you’re feeling adventurous.

Update: substance j brings it to my attention that AquaZone was originally released for the Saturn back in the days. It is my ultimate shame not to have already known this. I’ll redeem myself!


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