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Mini review: Sumo Omni

by on March 13, 2007

sumoomni.jpgSo the Sumo Omni is a bean bag, often marketed at gamers. They advertise on Penny Arcade and suchlike. Some months ago, I was offered the opportunity to review it. I though I might be able to do something fun or gonzo with it, so I agreed. But then the behemoth arrived, and I just couldn’t get round to it. I tried playing it with a variety of different games and styles – that was going to be my angle. Is it good for shooters? RPGs? Platformers? I actually have the images of Keiouyuugekitai and Soukyuugurentai and Legend of Heroes III White Witch all ready to go. What stopped me? I just didn’t like it at all. Doesn’t make for a very interesting story, then.

I’ll sum it up for you. The casing feels like the tarps they use to cover street fairs. It’s very coarse, very sturdy, to be sure, probably easy to wash stuff off of. But it’s not comfortable. It sure looks comfortable in the company pictures, like the one to the left, but it’s simply not so. This tarp also makes the ‘beans’ inside the bag hold form pretty well. This is good if you want to make it a chair, but then…might as well just use a chair. It doesn’t feel good at all if you want to lounge. It’s simply not comfortable at all to adult folks like you and me. Several of my friends tried it out and came back with the same result. I once tried to flop down on it, as one likes to do with beanbags, and I almost knocked the wind out of myself. It’s hard, it doesn’t give if you jump on it, and you can poke an eye out on the edges of the thing. My friends suggested that it would be more comfortable if you covered it with a blanket. I’m used to beanbags being squishy and pleasant, so that still didn’t strike me as a good solution – and for $130, the thing should really be perfect already. So I was going to let the whole review thing go – I even offered to return it to them (though I didn’t tell them the reason was that I didn’t like it at all), but they seemed to want the review, so here it is, the honest truth, uninteresting though it may be. I wound up giving it to a friend who has kids – the kids loved it, because they could climb all over it, spill crap on it, and it’d be alright. So if you have kids, and a lot of money, maybe you might want one of these. But I can’t say I’d recommend it!


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