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News: Famison8BIT

by on March 10, 2007

famison.jpgSometime seiyuu/idol singer and fulltime wacky sounding momoi halko has a CD coming out in Japan March 21st: Famison 8BIT. The CD will feature classic anime songs from a decade or so ago (think Dr. Slump and Urusei Yatsura) done in 80s chip tune style, coupled with halko’s unique vocal stylings. Check out the sample songs on the recently opened official website and ready your vocal chops to accompany the CD’s karaoke versions. You know you want to sing along!

Brandon’s note: The sample jukebox (last link of vince’s above) has quite an appealing interface and visual style as well, with a little 8-bit character walking toward the end of the screen to reach a bowser-like castle. And interestingly, her real first name is haruko, not halko, but she renamed herself after the HAL 9000 computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey. An odd character, to be sure.

Update: This update isn’t important at all, but vince showed me this site while we were at the hotel for GDC, and I thought I recognized the voice. “Has she done any H-games?” I asked? “I don’t think so,” says vince. “I’m sure it sounds like a voice I’ve heard in a song from a Frontwing game,” I say, in spite of having never played one, only downloaded the music. Turns out I was right, as I researched when I got home. She was in Majou no Ochakai, which has been translated in clean form by Hirameki. She sang the song Bite, which you can get here. That game has no business having any hentai in it, so I really should be ashamed for even recognizing this, but I am who I am, and we all have to accept that. At least I never played it!


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