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News: jeff minter naughty scandal shocker

by on March 5, 2007

yiffings.jpgThis is always the danger when you show projects from your own laptop. jeff minter did a keynote at the independent game summit at GDC, and talked a bit about Space Giraffe, which looks very very nice by the way, but before that, he was showing the audience his old games. He misplaced the game Gridrunner++ (a nice simple game you can get from the Llamasoft website), so he was searching through his file tree – exposing for a moment on the large screen a folder entitled ‘naughty.’ That’s my greatest fear for presenting, let me tell you! Luckily the folder wasn’t opened, and only displayed for a fraction of a second, but look, I’ve gone and immortalized it. I’ve just interviewed him, so hopefully he won’t hate me after this.

Back to Space Giraffe though, it’s very Tempest-like, but with extra bits, where you can attack enemies on the edge of the screen (they usually kill you there), in a frenzied display of particles and points multipliers. It’s really very nice looking and I honestly can’t wait to play the thing. One level in particular had so much going on that it almost looked impossible to parse. He showed one level, aside from the ‘eyes of allard’ level I mentioned in the gamasutra piece linked above, which was delightfully ridiculous. It was a cylinder turning into a cube, and it was called “the cube is not for yiffing,’ and at the end of it you could just make out a ‘sexy’ transparent fox woman with a ‘do not enter’ symbol over her crotch. Pretty funny stuff. The picture I took of it is not that fantastic, but sort of gets the idea across. Sort of…


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