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News: Housewife Superstar

by on March 5, 2007

Housewife Superstar is a DS game from a new thai game developer by the name of Studio Nocturne, though they haven’t put up their site yet. I met them today at GDC because of this entrancing poster you see below. I’ve got closeups of the bottom bits too, as you’ll see. The game, though it’s just in concept form now, is basically about being the perfect housewife – learning flower arranging, embroidery, dressing up, and various other things, but all a bit tongue in cheek, not taking it seriously. It looks really fun to play, and the story bits are definitely inspired by Ouendan, which isn’t so bad.

This is one title I really hope comes out. They had a number of other very nice looking game concepts on display as well, which we’ll handle in a new post entirely. For now, check out Housewife Superstar.



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