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News: Magi Death Fight

by on March 4, 2007

magideath.jpgSpeaking of Takuyo, they were one of the only japanese developers to really try and adopt the Xbox console from the beginning, with pretty limited results. They released Plus Plum 2, a sequel to a Dreamcast puzzle game (which is also available on PSP now – it’s like they want to fail! But anyway…), and Magi Death Fight, which is basically a 4-player top-down 3D action game with nice 2D effects.

Check out more screenshots here. It looks a bit like a doujin PC game, which isn’t surprising when you consider that Takuyo is known for its adventure titles, if at all. Just one of those games that will forever be lost in the shuffle, for better or for worse, but it’s really interesting to see what became of those companies that did try to support the Xbox, and which ones they were. Small players, all.


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