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News: Pocket Pad

by on February 16, 2007

pocketpads.jpgYet another version of the SMS handheld has surfaced, in addition to the two we already mentioned. This one’s got an MP3 player in it, and supports SD cards. Likely you can’t load SMS roms on it, but wouldn’t that be nice? It only comes with 10 games, versus the Coleco/PlayPal’s 20, but certainly has a nicer general design.
Plus it’s got both ‘start’ and ‘stop’ buttons, which is clearly the best thing ever. They’re obviously for different purposes, but I like having them so close together.

No word on whether the games are merely half the ones you find in the others, or if there are different titles found herein, but we do know that it’s sold exclusively via British Airways. You can either click a reminder to purchase it on the plane, or you can get it sent through mail order. It’s discounted to £65 from £75, but that’s still around $120, so quite an investment. I’ve asked to be sent one, we’ll see if I can get additional info. That 1gb of internal memory just begs to be filled with SMS roms…if only! Thanks to sweater fish for the link, though apparently some of this info was around the block a bit before the unit was released…

Incidentally, the day after I posted about the Coleco version of the handheld at Target, it went on sale for $20. I’m guessing all of you who clicked the link a bit late noticed this, because now it’s completely sold out. That’s that, then!


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