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News: HRAP 3 and MAME

by on February 12, 2007

Our friends on SRK are reporting that the Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 works fine with Windows and MAME, so if you were thinking about getting one it might be a good idea to place an order soon, as stocks are not expected to last long. For more information on the HRAP 3 check Hori’s page, and also check its cool-looking upcoming accessories: the so-called professional wristpad
and rubber sheet, available in april with an MSRP of 1,575 yen each. Are these things even useful? I’ve no idea, but I’ll let you know once mine arrive.

In the meantime, it’s worth noting that we still don’t know whether Hori’s cheaper Fighting Stick 3 works with Windows out of the box, but at this point I’d say it’s a fair bet. Update: According to tim, who has contacts at Hori, the Fighting Stick 3 does indeed work with Windows.


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