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Link: Sega seeking "relationship" with Armored Core fanbase

by on February 9, 2007

ac4_360_japanese_box1.jpgSo it begins, though a little belatedly. The long-suffering US Armored Core community has been approached by Sega of America, in the hope that they can help get the word out on the upcoming 360 and PS3 releases (historically the series has received almost no marketing outside of its native Japan). So, if you’re interested in actually seeing some real advertising (on this new fangled device called a “television” I hear) then feel free to join in the threads here and here.

My first suggestion would be to change the suitably lacklustre boxart. The Japanese 360 release, pictured left, is far more stylish and From Software has already gone to the effort of changing it over the PlayStation 3’s release (good on them I say).


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