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News: Zombie co-CEO talks about ZPC

by on February 5, 2007

Regardless of the fact I’m not precisely sure what a co-CEO is, mark long seems to be one, and for Zombie studios specifically. They made that ZPC game which we mentioned back here, with the curious art design from the KMFDM cover artist. He talks about the game here, in his ‘desert island games’ column, saying that’s one of the five games he’d take with him on a desert island. Of his picks, I’d personally only keep Tetris, but we can’t all be videogame super geniuses. Here’s my favorite bit of his ZPC description:

“adian [hughes – the artist guy] used to pitch it as jesus versus the nazis. Before ZPC released, GT Interactive ran a print ad campaign that had jesus, hitler and stalin in it – this would never happen today! And, of course, we got some email complaints. But one day we came in to work to find a long voicemail message from some nutcase in the general mailbox that was just epic. So we sampled and edited it and created a level in the game around it called the Propaganda Stadium. It’s still hilarious when you get to the level and you hear this guy shouting about the “angry jesus” game.”


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