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Fashion: Bullet Witch costumes rated

by on February 5, 2007

bwfashion.jpgSo, Games Radar again. christian nutt put up this feature, in whcih the many costumes of Bullet Witch protagonist alicia are rated by a fashion school grad. Pretty humorous, uses the word ‘pantkerchief’ in reference to the left photo, and all of the costumes basically get panned. Here’s a quote: “The demi-bomber jacket and elaborate medical truss combination is an upsetting one. Demanding comparison with Rifat Ozbek’s seminal 1990 White Collection, as well as suggesting the work of a blind medical intern, the ensemble works on few levels.”

Ouch! Anyway, I was yelling at nutt for the intro, before realizing it had funny parts in it, because it’s a bit too Games Radar company line for me. Nutt, we hardly knew ye! Note to game writers: when writing about this game and feeling like you have to talk about how sexy she is, just copy and paste this phrase: “like us, you’ll probably intinctively move the camera to look at her panties within minutes of playing. That’s ok, they rendered them for a reason. There’s just nothing you can do about it.” See? Not so hard.


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