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News: Worldwide Video blames death of coin op on 9-11

by on February 1, 2007

Worldwide Video is in the business of distributing arcade games, from medal redemption and UFO games, all the way to the proper games we (used to) expect in arcades. This press release on coinoptoday caught my eye, and upon reading, well. It’s rather amazing. First of all, for a press release, it’s got a lot of personal lamentations in it.

“Our industry is struggling as so many of you are, and I know I am as well. I share that burden with you and this email is solely intended to share and mourn together what was once though to be a relative down cycle / blip upon our industry that has proven to last far longer and deeper than I would have anticipated.”

Those are the words of WorldWide Video’s president Brad Brown, pictured to the right (I’m guessing he’s the older one, but who can say). The ’email’ he’s referring to is something he sent around in christmas of 2002 to his employees, blaming the events of september 11th for the downfall of the coin op industry. Quite simply astounding, and certainly worth a read. I’ll give you a choice quote:

“Because of the events of 9-11, a tremendous amount of people want to stay home and entertain themselves. The game systems of Sony’s Play Station 2, Micro Soft X -Box, and Nintendo Game Cube, along with the other millions of existing “older” home game systems and with the ever cheaper computer systems (thanks to Dell Computer and Gateway) have conspired against the coin op industry.”

Note that those quotes are as-is, not cleaned up. I think the ambiguous language which actually implicates consumers in a conspiracy against coin op is unintentional. At least I hope it is!


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