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News: D3 interview

by on February 1, 2007

So I’ve interviewed D3 US for a second time, and you can see the results here. It’s a little embarrassingly fanboyish at times, but what can you do, eh? Not my most ‘professional’ work, but has some quite decent bits to it. I asked specifically about why they’re not bringing their Simple 2000 series games out here (though I know they’ve tried), and got pretty much the response I expected:

“I think some of it has to do with what I mentioned before we started this interview, which was shelf space. There is only so much shelf space at retail, and retailers are more likely to pass on titles.
So the question becomes how many units is the minimum to make this worth our while – to hit our contribution margin that we’re looking for. It’s just getting harder and harder.

The other part of the equation is Sony approvals. There have been a few titles that we have put forth, that we thought “Okay, these are good, these are fun titles, there is a place for them.” And Sony will say “no, we don’t think its competitive, or you’re going to need make this change, and this change, and this change,” at which point it doesn’t make sense from a business standpoint.”

Well…I’ll keep hoping. I tried to press the downloadable angle, so let’s keep our fingers crossed!


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