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Link: Farewell to Ketsui

by on January 29, 2007

ketsui_20.pngK. Mihara is the head of Arika and responsible for two of the best shooting games the home market has seen since the 32-bit years (which is not saying much, but still). It’s not news that he had been working on a PS2 version of Cave’s Ketsui ~Kizuna Jigokutachi~. It’s not news either that the project was declared non-viable, due to technical issues. Mihara has let us know these days that indeed he couldn’t replicate the game perfectly – the game’s fifth stage demands more RAM than is available on the PS2’s hardware, but aside from that, PS2 Ketsui was more or less finished.

It says a lot about this man’s love for his work, and it’s particularly amazing; Cave itself has never hesitated to release inaccurate, forgettable ports of its recent games. This also sheds more light on the difficulties of programming 2D games, even when the art is already done. The PS2 is now ‘officially’ a system unable to handle all low-res 2D games out there, too. That’s something, because it seems unlikely that any other current system could serve to perfectly reproduce a Cave arcade game – all of them lack a proper video mode to display these games non-scaled at full screen. And Mihara doesn’t look too excited with the idea, anyhow.


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