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Toys: Hi-Nu Gundam Master Grade kit on the way

by on January 23, 2007

hi-nu_mg.jpgA few other places have highlighted the imminent release of a Hi-Nu Gundam Master Grade model kit but few have mentioned its gaming significance.

For those unfamiliar to the canon narrative of the Universal Century time line, the RX-93 Nu Gundam is Amuro Ray’s final mechanical ride of choice in the frankly fucking epic film Char’s Counterattack. The thing is though, the original Nu Gundam was massively unfinished and was rushed for completion in order for Amuro to get it into combat.

In the novel Beltorchika’s Children, essentially a re-telling of the events in Char’s Counterattack, Amuro is actually fitted with the finished iteration of the Nu Gundam, that of the Hi-Nu Gundam. Despite the azure colour scheme change the major difference is that of the angelic spread for the fin funnels (plus the stats are somewhat bonkers compared to the original Nu).

Since the novel came out, many wanted to see the Hi-Nu be given some form of gameplay treatment. As such in almost all the instances that Amuro has appeared in Super Robot Wars, the Hi-Nu has been the final and suitably uber Gundam for the beloved neurotic hero.

Considering that Gundam, Amuro Ray and Super Robot Wars are a big fucking deal to a lot of Japanese anime afficionados and gamers, this kit merges all three of those into a terrifyingly immense whole (kinda like a gattai sequence that results in Bandai making lots of money). Admittedly, there have been many garage kits of the Hi-Nu (with the G System kits being damn impressive) but a Master Grade release is an awful lot more mainstream and the price tag isn’t, well, sadistic.

Brandon’s note: And here I thought it was just a robot! But to sum this up, this winds up sort of kind of being a model from a game, more than from the anime, because it was first featured like this in SRW. And now you know.


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