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Music: Otobeya – different soundchip game remixes

by on January 22, 2007

This fellow at Otobeya has done some awesome work here. Essentially, he takes classic tunes, and then reworks them with other soundchips. Ys Origin is redone in with the MSX chip, for instance (there’s even a movie for that one). Here you’ll find songs such as a metroid tune redone with the Mark III chip, awake from CV: Circle of the Moon redone on the gameboy chip, Final Fantasy X-2 on the famicom, Devil’s Crush via MSX, game gear version of Aleste, as well as the Saturn Sega Touring Car(!) done on a genesis chip, and Legendary Wings from Thunder Force V (the original is a personal favorite) done with MSX. No link for that one, for some reason. Anyway, it’s almost all good stuff, and he has a lot on there. It’s a slow site, so try not to kill it, but feel free to click the button just below the ascii cat in order to give him ‘applause.’ Thanks to jiji for the link. (・∀・)イイ!


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