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News: Trio The Punch gets release date

by on January 17, 2007

trio0324.PNGYou may never have played Trio The Punch, but you probably should: it’s a crazy self-parody released by Data East in 1989 where three generic stereotypes (a ninja, a barbarian and a street fighter) have to bludgeon their way through hordes of evil Karnov clones and such esteemed bosses as a pink were-sheep (which curses you to also become a pink were-sheep for a couple of levels) and Colonel Sanders, who releases a drumstick-shooting chicken from his own exploding head. We first mentioned it back in october, but the release date was just announced – february 8. Same for Konami’s Thunder Cross. You can preorder Oretachi Geesen Zoku Sono 17: Trio the Punch from Play-Asia.


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