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Youtube: MSX rarities

by on January 14, 2007

I found a guy on youtube called neshagui, who has uploaded about 72 MSX-related videos, which are really useful if you don’t know much about the computer/system. If you check all of his videos, you’ll find some really interesting stuff…I’ll outline some of the games I think are worth noting.

Famicle Parodic, a shooter parody of famous famicom games – stage 1 (Xevious), Stage 2 (Crazy Climber).
Quimple commercial, intro.

Final Fantasy MSX (Great music, looks unplayably slow though).
The Links – not a game, but a modem and telnet for the MSX.
R-Type – nice, but bad scrolling. Not as good as the PCE port.
Star Virgin can’t really explain this one either.
What Many Princess (no idea).
Laydock 2 (one of the early vertically and horizontally scrolling shooter)

Chuka Taisen and Mon Mon Monster – early Hot-B games.
Starship Rendezvous special stage ‘michelle’ – a very early gravure-like semi not safe for work stage, showing off how good the MSX was at color.
Terra Cresta – this went unreleased on MSX…later returned on other systems.
Illusion City intro – very Snatcher-like.
Fray RPG intro.

Of course some of the best MSX games were by Compile…they really knew how to use the system. Mirror Maze, Aleste, and Madou Monogatari 1-2-3 (with a great Carbunkle dance) are good examples.


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