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News: Kuri Kuri DS

by on January 12, 2007

kurikuri_ds_cover1.jpgWhilst From Software are often known to produce games involving wave after wave of killbots, they do have other works within their portfolio. One of these is the Kuri Kuri series.

The original game, on the PlayStation 2, was a moderately endearing puzzle platformer set over nine worlds with requisite boss battles. It didn’t do that great and From Software shelved it as a consequence. Now in the clear and present glare of the DS Lite’s omnipotence in Japan, Kuri Kuri has been jolted back into action.

Bear in mind though that their last DS game, Tenchu Dark Shadow, was akin to having nutty fecal matter ground into your cornea, here’s hoping that Kuri Kuri DS is a departure from that hellish experience. The word “kuri”, in case anyone is wondering, means “chestnut” in Japanese but the doubling up of the word has rather amusing ramifications; in that manga artists use “kuri kuri” to denote the sound of breast fondling.

Definitely a game for the kids then.


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