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Photo: Falcoon's designs sourced

by on January 7, 2007

To follow up ollie’s post of ‘weird sign I found in the UK,’ here’s one I saw while on vacation there. Clearly the place from which Falcoon gets his ideas for costuming and character design, SNK Fashions is alarmingly close to commander zorg‘s house…not that I’d know, and right around the corner from a really mediocre fast food fish and chips place. How did Falcoon find it? He must have asked King. Unfortunately, as you may notice in the larger version (haz click for that business), the shop is closing down – expect fashions to be drastically different in upcoming KOF titles! Email me if you want the original ridiculously huge photo for some reason.

Note: I also a garbage truck that said ‘man’ on the front, but as I tried to take a picture, a large man with a broken nose leaned out and flipped me the bird from the passenger’s seat, and, well…I didn’t want to tempt fate, as I’d almost been deported once already.


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