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News: Saturn USB datalink

by on January 7, 2007

saturnusb.jpgA fellow by the name of kent rittenhouse mailed me recently, saying he’d created a USB datalink for the Saturn. This will basically allow you to trade saves between the Saturn and a PC, or load small homebrew games directly into the save RAM…which is something I didn’t really know was possible, but stands to reason. It’d be interesting to couple this technology with a little ram-boosing mod. Here’s the basic reasoning behind why he made this thing, which runs a little pricey at $50: This project started its life when my Action Replay Plus cartridge decided to die. I lost 10 years worth of game-saves. I looked around to find a device that could transfer game-saves, using current PC hardware/software. Not finding anything, I decided to design my own.

Fair enough. I lost almost-complete Shining Force 3, and Grandia, as well as thrice-completed Panzer Dragoon Saga and completed SotN data once. Shame, shame.

Here’s a bit more from Kent on the homebrew aspect: Just to clarify: The homebrew code is downloaded (and then runs from) the system ram (2Megabyte). The ’32K game-save ram’ is completely seperate, and only used for game-saves. If you are using the Action Replay Plus cartridge (as opposed to a Gameshark), you would also have access to the extra 4MB ram in the cartridge for your homebrews.


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