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Music: Goombas sing the blues

by on January 7, 2007

Remember Super Mario Bros. the movie? I had the misfortune of watching this in the theatre as a lad, and I’ve hated john leguizamo ever since. It’s pretty amazing that none of those actors’ careers were ruined. Regardless, purging unwanted things from my old CD collection today, I noticed that I’d purchased the soundtrack for 25 cents some time ago. Most of it is standard fare, but in one track, famed funk musician george clinton teams up with the Goombas to sing a mediocre song called ‘Walk the Dinosaur,’ which I believe was recorded for the movie. Well, it’s got Goombas in it, so I guess that’d be a safe assumption, though the original song was apparently by Was (not Was). As you may have surmised, I’ve got the mp3 for you – don’t direct link it! I’m looking at you, ashcraft!

This is part of a continuing series of game-related weirdo mp3s, so I’ll re-link the old ones – Chocobo techno, Romantic Gorilla’s Super Mario, Phantasy Star Universe theme.


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