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News: Sidetalking petition

by on January 4, 2007

This is assuredly old, but I hadn’t seen it around. Remember the sidetalking website, which celebrated the original N-Gage? I used to have a picture on there! Regardless, the site owner made an update when the QD came out, which marked the end of sidetalking forever. But there’s a petition to save it, which is worth a read. Here’s a little excerpt: The users of this new N-GAGE QD phone talk on the phone in a NORMAL, TRADITIONAL MANNER much like mobsters (Al Capone) did in 1923 WHEN USING TELEPHONES. REPEAT: NGAGE QD USES THE SAME METHODS AS MOBSTERS AND FLAPPERS also maybe bootleggers and/or J. Edgar Hoover USED IN 1923! THAT IS NOT PROGRESS, that is devolving to a time where everyone wore hats.

The site is funny even now…amazingly the creator managed to take what was obviously a gimmick and make into a viable site. Seems to have something to do with the amazing captions, which are still worth browsing through. The sidetalking photo to the left is also a prime example of thing-holding, as popularized by Idiot Toys.


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