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Rumor: Radiant Silvergun 3 for 360, Nights for Wii

by on January 1, 2007

Some time ago, september specifically, people caught wind of a project called ‘RS 3’ for the 360, from Radiant Silvergun’s developer Treasure. Well, browsing G-rev’s Xbox 360 release schedule, right there at the bottom you’ll see it clearly spelled out. “Radiant Silvergun 3 – Treasure.” No date, no link, no specifics, so it’s all down to believing them. But I’m sure we all want to! They also claim Nights is coming to Wii, so…I guess we’ll just see. The problem with these lists is that things are put up as ‘new boxing game,’ and then when that turns out to be Hajimete no Ippo for Wii, the old entry isn’t taken down. So that’s the grain of salt you should take this with, but I’m optimistic.


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