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News: Armored Core 4 Xbox 360 release date

by on December 25, 2006

ac4_rayleonard1.jpgAccording to the 360 flavored version of Famitsu, Armored Core 4 will get its 360 release on the 22nd of march next year. No details on any additional content as yet (bar the obvious inclusion of controller vibration and Xbox Live functionality) but a straight port of the PS3 version wouldn’t be too shabby at all.

Having finished the singeplayer of the PS3 version, S Ranks, Arena and all, one small suggestion to those attentive ears at From Software would be the inclusion of an “easy” mode (in addition to the normal and hard that already exist). Otherwise many who haven’t played the previous games may find the current difficulty erring on the side of fascistic.

Update: Some release freebies have also been announced for the 360 release. Entitled an “Extra Archive”, the set includes the collected Another Story installments, an artbook and a DVD. Not to mention that you get stickers of the corporation logos. No word on any gameplay-related changes though.


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