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News: San Francisco NES club

by on July 28, 2005

Can’t be sure how legit this is, but walking around Haight St. on tuesday I came across a flier with the Konami Code across the top of it. It reads (typos removed): “The SF area’s official ‘old school Nintendo’ fun club is here!! Be a member of an elite club dedicated to all good nintentions. Club activities will include, and absolutely not be limited to: regular meetings at local coffee shops where we will play our favorite NES games, monthly competitions to show off our NES skills and tricks, game trading, and memorabilia show and tell!! Membership fee is 80% showing up and 20% donation of your choice, and will include club t-shirt and ID card. Contact oldskulnes @ for more info, or call (removed), and remember ‘now you’re playing with power!’

So it looks interesting. If you’re in the SF area, might want to drop this person a line. Not sure if they’ve actually thought it through past the fliering stage, but there it is anyway.

Edit: There’s also a craigslist entry, where you can see why I bothered to edit the typos…

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